August 10, 2021
Sempermed USA Opens New Distribution Center in Reno, Nevada
Sempermed USA is a globally integrated manufacturer that provides focused sales, marketing, and logistical support to those in need of hand protection. With more than 100 years of glove manufacturing experience, we have long been a pioneer within the disposable glove industry. As part of a strategic decision to improve our customer experience, we are consolidating our four distribution centers into three, effective July 2021. We are pleased to announce that the new distribution center (DC) is in Reno, Nevada and the first container shipments began arriving there in July. Please take this opportunity to update all records with this new address:

Sempermed USA Distribution Center
9085 Moya Boulevard
Reno, Nevada 89506

Initial shipments from the Reno DC commenced the past few weeks as we began to stock inventory there. Simultaneously, we are depleting inventories in our Texas and California DC’s, as they will close Aug. 27, 2021.

The shipping zones represented on the map below indicate the predominate service area for each DC. Of course, by exception, shipments can occur from any of our DC locations ensuring efficient and timely deliveries to our customers. The transit time from the new DC is in line with the service times we were experiencing while operating out of four locations.

The new Nevada DC will service the orange states, the New Jersey DC will service the green states, and the Florida DC will service the blue states.

If you have any questions regarding changes to
Sempermed distribution centers, please feel free to contact your Sempermed Sales Representative or Customer Service Department at (800) 366-9545.