April 15, 2020
SemperGram COVID-19 Allocation Update for End Users
Covid-19 continues to have a significant impact on the global supply chain and factory capacity for disposable hand protection. Our commitment to you is transparent communication and equitable treatment of orders for all our customers.

The situation is evolving daily as we see the demand for disposable hand protection and other PPE increased to never-before-seen levels. These demands have stressed factories and the supply chain to the point that shortages are being seen in the marketplace. Production lead times on many products have increased from a few months or less to several quarters or more in just the last 45 days.

Accordingly, we have to adjust our allocation strategy from what was previously communicated to you. Sempermed has been allocating orders to distributors based on 110% of their demand from December, January and February. Going forward, orders will be adjusted to 100% allocation of that same time frame.

Once the product reaches the distribution channel, Sempermed no longer controls the allocation of the products and can not prevent outages, back orders or differences in distribution strategy or allotments. End user customers need to connect with their distributor to ascertain how product disbursements are being handled.

Distributor orders are being processed on a FIFO basis. We are accepting only one order per month, per ship-to location. If multiple orders are submitted for the same location, the orders will be cancelled.

Drop ship orders submitted under the pre-paid freight minimums will be cancelled.
Summarized order processing details are below.
• Sempermed does not control final end user distribution and therefore cannot address distributor outages, back orders, or allocations.
• End users need to contact their distributor to understand how allocation decisions are handled.
• SUSA sales team members only have information about SUSA allocations; not distributor allocations
• Orders into SUSA are being processed FIFO
• Multiple orders from the same location will be cancelled
• Drop shipments under the pre-paid freight minimums will be cancelled during this time.
• April Orders will have an immediate reduction on SemperForce (BKNF) only.
• May Orders and beyond may see further reductions to allocation.

If you need additional information or assistance on technical issues concerning Sempermed gloves, please contact our Customer Service at 800-366-9545.