October 7, 2019
Potential Product Shortages
As your global glove expert, Sempermed strives to keep you informed of relevant situations that could affect product supply in the market. If your current supply is now at risk, we have surgical gloves manufactured in Austria and examination/general purpose gloves manufactured in Malaysia available for immediate shipment.

The United States Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP) has issued a Withhold Release Order (WRO) against Malaysian glove manufacturer WRP Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd., preventing WRP from importing its disposable rubber gloves into the U.S. This WRO was implemented due to the CBP’s belief that WRP is using forced labor to produce such products. WRP gloves affected include examination gloves, general purpose gloves, as well as surgical gloves.

CBP said it received allegations of forced labor from a variety of sources, including news reports and tips from the general public or trade community. This is not the first time WRP has been in the spotlight. In January of this year, nearly 2000 WRP employees went on a three-day strike claiming they were not paid three months’ worth of wages. The Malaysian Department of Labor investigated WRP and did in fact find they withheld salaries of their migrant workers for 3 months, did not pay overtime, made unfair pay cuts, and had wrongful working hours during breaks and holidays. The link below provides more information regarding the allegations against WRP as well as the WRO. against-companies-suspected-using-forced from-us-over-alleged-forced-labour

Sempermed takes its social responsibilities very seriously and has done so for many years. In 2019 our production sites in Sopron, Hungary and Kamunting, Malaysia passed according to the principles of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI audit). The BSCI audits focus on promoting and guaranteeing fair working conditions, which is crucial especially in high-risk countries. Passing such audits shows our commitment to constantly improve the performance not only in terms of our products, but especially for the people working with and for us.

To learn more about the BSCI Audit:

At Sempermed, we care about your comfort And protection, always. It is the driving force behind what we do. Our gloves are disposable. The people we protect are not. ®

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