October 16, 2014
Ebola Preparedness 2014
In an effort to provide our customers with information regarding hand protection and the recent Ebola outbreak, we have put together the following fact sheet.

• Have you published any guidance in response to Ebola or pandemic preparedness?
We are recommending the users of our products follow the CDC recommendations and guidelines for safety and protection. This link provides information on properly donning and removing personal protective equipment (PPE).

• Have Sempermed gloves been tested against the Ebola virus?
No, gloves are not tested specifically for Ebola due to the dangers of such testing. However, most gloves, including all medical gloves from Sempermed, are tested for viral penetration using the test method ASTM F1671. This test employs a bacteriophage that is one of the smallest known viruses at 27 nm in size. The Ebola virus is much larger at 80 nm in size.

• What type of gloves should be used?
We recommend using a Sempermed examination grade nitrile and latex . Our surgical gloves also meet the required standards set by ASTM and adopted by the CDC and the FDA. For a complete listing, please
see our catalog.

• Is double-gloving necessary?
Double-gloving is not required by the CDC at this point. However, our exam grade nitrile and latex, as well as surgical gloves, can be double-gloved.

• Should healthcare providers be increasing their glove stock and supply?
We do not recommend increasing stock in your domestic facilities.

• If there is a pandemic, is there an allocation program for current customers?
Yes, we have an allocation program based on 30 and 90 day order history to ensure all of our customers receive product.

• Are we accepting new customer orders?
We are always willing to accept new customers. Please contact us so we can learn more about your hand protection needs.

• Does Sempermed accept returns?
Our normal ordering and return policies apply.

For any additional questions, feel free to contact Customer Service 727-787-7250 ext 3500