February 7, 2014
Winter Weather Continues to Worsen Causing Shipping Delays
Yet again, the majority of the United States and Canada has experienced extremely cold temperatures combined with high winds and an unusual amount of snow. This severe and prolonged winter weather has caused major congestion within the transportation industry; specifically at the shipping ports and rail yards.

The heavy snow and freezing temperatures have adversely affected many train tracks, causing railroad companies to reduce the cargo weight being carried on each train. Due to track conditions, the railroad companies must lighten each load on all trains to eliminate any issues that could occur when starting and stopping the equipment. Unfortunately, railroad companies do not have the option of increasing the number of trains transporting goods without negatively impacting another service, as each track is fully booked on a rolling twenty-four (24) hour basis.

In addition, the decreased weight capacity of each train is forcing the shipping ports to store goods for a prolonged period of time. This has caused many shipping ports to become overcrowded, making it increasingly difficult for truckers to navigate the port. These additional pressures imposed by unfavorable weather, continues to affect the entire transportation network.

Sempermed USA, Inc. has been diligently working with freight carriers to decrease any deferments and expedite deliveries. Regrettably, the unforeseen delays continue, and Sempermed is presently experiencing disruptions as far as three (3) weeks out. Once the weather conditions lighten and the tracks defrost, the railroad and trucking companies can start working through the delays.

At Sempermed, we are committed to keeping our customers informed and will continue to stay in direct contact with freight carriers so that we may notify you of status updates.

Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated!

For any additional questions, feel free to contact Phil Gerlach, Director of Supply Chain Services at 1.727.431.0219 or