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October 28, 2010
All Sempermed Gloves Can Now Be Ordered in Case Quantity
Sempermed recently received a lot of valuable feedback from our customer service survey and we are happy to report that we are taking action to address the needs of our customers. With the purpose of simplifying the ordering process as requested, Sempermed has decided to keep all units of measure for our products consistent.

In the past, Sempermed customers have been accustomed to ordering sterile examination and surgical gloves in 6 box increments to equal one case. In an effort to simplify the process, we have adjusted our ordering system so our customers may now order these gloves in case quantities. For example, rather than entering 6 boxes to equal one case of a sterile exam or surgical product, customers can now enter a quantity of 1 case and they will receive the same amount of gloves that they always have.

Sempermed surgical gloves, Sempermed Supreme (SPFP) and Sempermed Derma Plus (DP) come packaged 50 pairs per box with 6 boxes per case and Syntegra CR (SCR) comes packaged 40 pairs per box with 6 boxes per case. Our Sempermed sterile exam glove, Polymed Sterile (PSE) is also packaged 40 pairs per box with 6 boxes per case. Please be aware that the product and packaging of our quality surgical gloves has not changed; the only change is that the ordering system/software has been adjusted to simplify the process and better suit the needs of our customers.

“Our customers spoke and we listened” said Phil Gerlach, Director of Supply Chain. “With this change we will be able to save our vendors and customers time and effort since they will no longer have to convert units of measure for sterile exam and surgical products. We are happy to be able to simplify processes wherever possible.”