Sempermed® Syntegra IR

Surgical • Polyisoprene • Powder-Free • Micro Rough
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Sempermed® Syntegra IR is a latex-free surgical glove made of synthetic polyisoprene (PI). Free from latex proteins, this polyisoprene glove is manufactured with an innovative process that reduces the risk for sensitization. Sempermed┬« Syntegra IR can be used universally in all surgical applications, and is particularly recommended for emergency care, eye surgery, and pediatrics. The fully anatomical shape with curved fingers corresponds with the natural, relaxed hand position, which helps prevent hand fatigue. The multi-layer coating means that this glove can be donned easily and quickly in every situation, even when double gloving.



  • Fully anatomical shape
  • Reduced hand fatigue & exceptional fit
  • Safe boundary - conical shaft of glove is shaped to anatomy of the wrist
  • Beaded cuff provides a secure barrier against the surgical gown
  • Multi-layer polymer & chlorinated coating
  • Exceptional comfort and ease of donning, wet or dry
  • Similar molecular structure to natural rubber latex
  • Latex-like comfort from a non-latex glove
  • Micro-rough texture
  • Superior instrument handling in wet environments
  • Beaded cuff
  • Increased strength and protection
  • Size markings dried on to cuff
  • Clearly identifiable size markings
  • Sterility indicator label on dispenser
  • Confirmation of sterility


    Micro Rough


    • Polyisoprene
    • Sulfer
    • Zinc Oxide
    • Antioxidants
    • Organic Accelerators

    Order # Size Gloves/Box* Boxes/Case
    SIR550 5.5 40 Pairs/Box 6
    SIR600 6 40 Pairs/Box 6
    SIR650 6.5 40 Pairs/Box 6
    SIR700 7 40 Pairs/Box 6
    SIR750 7.5 40 Pairs/Box 6
    SIR800 8 40 Pairs/Box 6
    SIR850 8.5 40 Pairs/Box 6
    SIR900 9 40 Pairs/Box 6
    *By weight
    All Sempermed gloves are single use only.

    HOW WE GLOVE THE PLANET WITH Sempermed® Syntegra IR

    • Inner boxes made with 65-75% recycled material
    • Outer cartons made with 65-75% recycled material